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Direct Energy Power-to-Go

Torch Energy solutions is an energy broker that helps businesses and homeowners in deregulated states make informed and financially sustainable decisions about which retail energy providers to purchase service from. We research, analyze and present professional solutions so you can make an educated decision that is not affected by flashy marketing or pressured sales pitches.

One of the retail energy providers we help customers sign with is Direct Energy Power-to-Go, a company that makes paying for your monthly energy bills a fast, efficient process. If you are in the Houston or Dallas area and are looking for an easy, fast and empowering energy provider, Direct Energy Power-to-Go may work for you.

Direct Energy Power-to-Go Prepaid Steps

If you are a resident of Texas, you can easily take advantage of Direct Energy Power-to-Go's simple payment solution. When you open your account, you can place as much money into it as you want to, and as long as the balance stays about $0, you are free to use as much electricity as you like. Opening your plan with Direct Energy Power-to-Go is as simple as:

Is Direct Energy Power-to-Go the Best Option for You?

If you are looking for convenience in your electricity plan, Direct Energy Power-to-Go is the provider for you. If you are looking for a high level of customer service and attentive steps and details for your energy solutions, signing up for a more complicated plan would be a better energy solution. Contact Torch Energy Solutions to learn is Direct Energy Power-to-Go is a match for your needs.

Benefits of Direct Energy-to-Go

Power-to-Go from Direct Energy is convenient because you do not have to deposit any money for electricity up front. There is no credit check and you do not have to sign a contract, but if your account goes below zero, you run the risk of losing service. You will not see a monthly bill, but you will receive electronic reminders about putting more money into your account when it is needed.

With help from Torch Energy, you can find the lowest priced electricity plan possible from Direct Energy Power-to-Go when you compare and analyze their competition. You can even get up to $500 for referring your friend, family and neighbors to this service.

How to Get Started with Power-to-Go from Direct Energy

To get started with Direct Energy Power-to-Go you will need a Smart Meter installed in your home. This allows the company to receive information about your usage quickly so you can monitor your billing information almost instantly. You will also need to set up an email and text message alert for our reminder service. You can pay at an authorized payment center when open, or by phone or online 24/7.

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