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Welcome to Torch Energy

Torch Energy is one of the world's leading online energy advisors. It's our goal to make it easy for you to find your next electricity and gas contract or to plan for energy efficiency improvements.

Torch Energy Offers Residential and Business Solutions!

Energy Everywhere

Our easy-to-use North American site gives you the best comparison tools and energy demand solutions in the United States. Torch Energy is dedicated to finding the right provider for you not only based on the most competitive rates, but also the amount of energy you use and the level of service that fits your needs.

Powerful Analytic Tools

If you have ever wanted to know how your electricity and gas plans and providers stack up to the competition, Torch Energy takes the time to analyze and compare energy company rates for you. By having a professionally trained staff and access to some of the best tools in energy analytics, Torch Energy gives you the ability to make an informed purchasing decision. We take the time to personally describe our high-quality analytical reports in easy-to-comprehend terms, which allows you to make the best possible choices. It is our goal to creatively find ways to give you the most sustainable savings.

Plans Based On Your Needs

Torch Energy puts the power back into your hands by giving you clear direction when you make energy decisions for your home or business. We understand that there are differences between the energy needs of a single-family home and a competitive business enterprise. Because everyone has a different need for electricity and gas, Torch Energy helps you, the consumer, find a plan based on your unique lifestyle or the way you conduct business.

An Eye on the Market

Torch Energy continuously tracks and watches the ever-changing energy market to make sure that you are always getting a better deal than the average consumer and price security when prices fluctuate. We are always on the lookout for new suppliers, vendors, customer interaction tools and loyalty promotions that allow us to remain competitive in a progressive market. Our diligent approach to watching trends in the electricity and gas industry allows us to provide you with upfront, hassle-free pricing that makes selecting your energy solutions stress-free and completely intuitive.

Payment Plans That Work for You

Torch Energy makes shopping and paying for energy plans easy by helping you find sustainable rates that meet your personal needs. We give you access to a variety of payment options including our easy-to-use website, over the phone with a friendly customer service representative, or even through regular mail. Whether you are looking for month-to-month plans, six-month plans, one-year plans, two-year plans or a long-term energy strategy, Torch Energy helps you select a contract length and fixed-rate plan that fits your best interests.

Contact Us Today

As a trusted energy advisor, Torch Energy wants to help you capture the most value out of a deregulated market and competitive supply opportunities. Browse today to find out how we can connect you with great deals on electricity and gas.